Moving On

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Moving On are a group of ex-carers who recognise that circumstances can change when loved ones recover, pass on or more into residential accommodation.  Moving on welcome everyone to join in with the activities and meet people and build new friendships in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Moving on are currently working on a Photography project, supported by a professional, with the aim of exhibiting their photographs in the form of a collage.  Group members have been working on taking good photographs, looking at lighting and shadows.  Photographs of Origami items they have made; photographs of nature whilst walking through local parks.  Photographs of the group participating in creative writing; meditation and relaxation session will be included in the exhibition.

Come along and join us.  We meet each 3rd Thursday of each month at the Birmingham Buddist Centre in Birmingham.

Everyone will be made very welcome.

When: From Tuesday 12 December 2017 -  11:00am
To Thursday 11 July 2019 - 01:00pm
Where: Birmingham Buddist Centre, 11 Park Rd, , Birmingham , B13 8AB
Contact : Eve Kirby / Michelle Long on 07392319482


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