TranSpectrum Coffee & Cake


For trans and questioning people of all ages

TranSpectrum is a Safe Social Space for anyone who identifies under the Trans* umbrella (as defined by Stonewall) – whether you are questioning your gender, don’t fit in a box or don’t want labels, or if you are comfortably identifying as anything other than Cisgender. A meet up for the whole gender spectrum.

We run a fortnightly TranSpectrum coffee and cake meet up at the best vegan coffee and nibbles place in Birmingham! As usual find us by looking for the Trans Flag and Phoebe the Pink Elephant.

For more information, please contact Louie on 07518 152 064, email or social media:




When: Saturday 13 January 2018, 03:30pm - 05:30pm
No Location Specified
Contact : Louie on 07518 152 064, email


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