TranSpectrum Safe Space Social


For trans and questioning people of all ages

TranSpectrum is a Safe Social Space for anyone who identifies under the Trans* umbrella (as defined by Stonewall) – whether you are questioning your gender, don’t fit in a box or don’t want labels, or if you are comfortably identifying as anything other than Cisgender. A meet up for the whole gender spectrum.

We have a Safe Space Social in the Pool Room at the Fox. We have the space all to ourselves, access to the bar in the room, gender neutral toilets, and obviously also a Pool Table.

For more information, please contact Louie on 07518 152 064, email or social media:




When: Thursday 25 January 2018, 07:30pm
Where: The Fox, 17 Lower Essex Street, Birmingham, B5 6SN
Contact : Louie on 07518 152 064, email


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