Neighbourhood Network Schemes are locality and constituency based networks which enable the engagement with and investment in community assets. 

This is for the purposes of supporting older people to connect with individuals, groups, organisations, activities, services and places in their local neighbourhood.

This approach is integral to a new community social work model, and the overall investment by Birmingham City Council’s Adult Social Care & Health in “Prevention First”.


What are Neighbourhood Network Schemes all about?

They’re about older people and communities

  • Universally accessible assets and activities, which older people can benefit from
  • Assets and activity specifically for older people

Constituency based networks are bringing together voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations and groups, as well as statutory agencies to engage and work with, and support, older adults and communities

The networks are organised by a Lead Facilitator, with delegated responsibilities and budgets from Birmingham City Council, to implement and manage the Neighbourhood Network Scheme in each constituency.

Networks will invest in, and support the development of, community assets, as well as the individuals, groups and organisations who are delivering community activity. They will connect, broker and link community assets to citizens and statutory agency practitioners (e.g. social workers and GPs). Networks will also locally commission activity, through a micro and small grants scheme, building on the community offer and/or making it more accessible for older people.


Contracts and budgets

  • Contracts are awarded for Lead Facilitators for a minimum of two years from February 2019.
  • Each constituency has a budget of between £170,000 to £280,000 to cover costs for staff, management, investment in support for community assets, and local commissioning of activity through micro and small grants.


For more information about this piece of work, please contact Benita Wishart via email b or phone 0121 678 8854