What is the Make Someone's Day campaign?


People in Birmingham are urged to pick up their phones, tablets and computers to connect with those who are most vulnerable and isolated in the city.


Why do we need it?

During these challenging times of self-isolation and social distancing made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign’s message is that people do not need to be lonely, and anyone can create small moments of connection by reaching out to those who are most vulnerable.​

Almost 57,000 people over 65 live alone in the city, increasing their risk of being socially isolated, making the campaign more timely than ever. 

#MakeSomeonesDay      #C19SupportBrum

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Why does it matter if we make someone's day?

make friends after 50

Do like Ruth, Jacob, Miriam, Michael and many others in Birmingham: Pledge to reach out to someone who is vulnerable today.

If your organisation can host a 3 * 6 ft. banner, or if you want a chat about the campaign, contact us on or 0121 6788876