Update: Priority Area Local Action Plans


As part of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme Four Local Action Plans (LAP) are at verious stages of development for our identified priority areas (Sparkbrook; Tyburn; Older Carers; and the Older LGBT community.) The function of these LAPs is to:

  • Build on local consultation.
  • Address the underlying causes of social isolation for the community in question.
  • Tackle the specific causes of isolation that consultation and research have identified for each community.
  • Be different to existing activity.
  • Test what works best in reducing social isolation for each community.
  • Increase community resilience with regard to social isolation.
  • Have a strategic and an operational impact on social isolation.
  • Result in outcomes (rather than specific activities) that are sustainable and long-lasting beyond the Ageing Better programme.

Draft Local Action Plans for each priority area have been published as part of a process of ongoing consultation. Following this period of consultation, the final versions of the following Local Action Plans have been produced:

LGBT Community

Older Carers



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