Together We Can! - A community-building project

Together We Can! is 3-year intergenerational, community-building project within the Firs &
Bromford neighbourhood (east Birmingham), undertaken as a partnership between Worth Unlimited,Open Door Community Foundation, and Firs & Bromford Neighbours Together.

Across the two ‘age bands’ (young people and adults), TWC! pursues three parallel ‘strands’ of work: 

  • Street connecting - making connections with, and between, local people, and growing new forms of associational life from those connections;
  • doing stuff together - facilitating places and groups which local people feel they belong and can contribute to;
  • support and development - supporting local people to grow in the confidence, skills and
    connections needed to be able to participate in and contribute to the life of their neighbourhood, and wider world.

Through a range of focused activity, TWC! brings together youth work and adult-focused community work to maximise the opportunities for intergenerational (as well as cross-cultural) interaction and relationship-building. The overall aim is to contribute to “a flourishing community, with flourishing connections between flourishing people”. TWC! seeks to help and support local people to establish sustainable livelihoods, understood as encompassing and developing a holistic range of assets including personal skills and strong social networks, as well as financial security.

The first annual evaluation report for TogetherWecan! is now available. In it you will find stories of a neighbourhood that has more places where people can feel like they belong, and of neighbours who feel more connected to each other, more able to overcome obstacles to living flourishing lives, and more able to share their passions and skills with each other.

You can read it here: Together We Can! Evaluation Report - Year 1 (2017)



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