Supporting grassroots leaders in the UK - funding opportunity


Ageing Better in Camden has just launched The Multiplier – a UK wide programme to find, fund and support grassroots leaders who are bringing people together in their communities and bridging divides.

The Cares Family and UnLtd are looking for 10 people to join The Multiplier programme in its first year. They'll receive £10,000 funding, 8 workshops to help them deepen and broaden their impact, a film made about their work, coaching, and introductions to new networks.

50% of Multipliers will be working on intergenerational issues or with intergenerational solutions, or be over 60 themselves. 

This is a grant for organisations and community groups older than six months but younger than 5 years - though older groups with an innovative new project, reaching new audiences or influencing systemic change could apply as well.

You can find out more, including how people can apply, here: https://www.thecaresfamily.org.uk/the-multiplier. 

The deadline for applying is Tuesday 3rd November.
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