Opportunity: Independent Evaluation Design for the LGBT Community Local Action Plan

In line with the Programme Plan, draft Local Action Plans (LAP) have been developed following consultation with their respective communities of older LGBT and Carers, Sparkbrook and Tyburn. They will be commissioned to:

  • Build on local consultation.
  • Address underlying causes of social isolation for their community
  • Tackle specific causes of isolation that consultation and research have identified for each community.
  • Differ from existing activity.
  • Test what works best in reducing social isolation for each community.
  • Increase community resilience with regard to social isolation. Impact strategically and operationally on social isolation.
  • Result in sustainable outcomes (rather than specific activities) that last beyond the life of the Ageing Better Programme.

Each Priority Area Local Action Plan will include an Independent Evaluation. The LGBT Local Action Plan Evaluation will measure the level of change and achievement of outcomes against each identified project.

We are seeking quotations to design the framework for an independent evaluation for the LGBT Community Local Action Plan. If you are interested in this piece of work please download the Brief document below for further information and instructions to submit a quotation.



The deadline for quotations and supporting information to be submitted is 10am on Friday 10th March.

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