Nina's story


My name is Nina Mildenall, I am 55 years young. I have lived on Castle Vale since I was 21, been married to my husband John for 34 years and have four beautiful grown up children. Jenny is a manger at Manchester United Football Club, Steven is a chef, Claire is a P.E. Teacher and Michael is carer.

Throughout my life, I have always worked. In my last job - I was there for 16 years - I worked in the Quality Control department. But sadly my life changed when I was badly bullied at work. I was close to having a breakdown and became so ill I had to leave.I became isolated.

Apart from trips to the doctors or hospital and once week where my father would made sure we went to lunch together, I was isolated. My father helped me so much, then bad news came and within four months he past away from cancer on New Year’s Day 2011. Three years later my mother pasted away which broke my heart. My world become more and more isolated. Then every week my Aunt Mary in Canada would phone me to see if I was alright, I only met her once, her love and care was a great comfort to me.

One day I went to the Sanctuary in Castle Vale with my friend. There I met Tracey who told me about a group of people with different health issues and disabilities that meet up regularly and do activities together. My friend came with me until she got a job, then I started going on my own after a while of being there. That's when I was told about a group they wanted to start called Ageing Better....

My next blog is how Ageing Better helped me and how I became a volunteer to helped other isolated people in the community.

Nina Mildenhall

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