New project in Tyburn

A new project aimed at making people more involved in their neighbourhood has started in Tyburn.


'Community Organisers' is part of the Tyburn Local Action Plan. As part of Ageing Better in Birmingham there are several Local Action Plans. They all have an aim to improve the lives of older people in either Tyburn, Sparkbrook, for older carers or older LGBT people.

The Community Organisers project represents 1 of 5 projects within the Tyburn Local Action Plan.

 The project is primarily aimed at encouraging communities to:

  • Share their knowledge and experience of local services, activities and events
  • Encourage others to become more involved in their neighbourhoods (active citizenship)
  • Improve resilience for individuals, groups and communities within Tyburn

One of the project’s key aims is to be sustainable beyond this funding by providing support, training and tools to help people become involved in community action, encouraging active citizenship, creating stronger and more resilient individuals and communities as well as reducing social isolation.
A key role in this project is the volunteer Community Organisers whose role will be to:

  • Build relationships and encourage people to create and develop connections with others in their communities. This will be to encourage people to be more active in their neighbourhood and the wider society
  • Be part of community capacity-building
  • Inspire more residents to take an active role in their local area
  • Promote and support community cohesion rather than fragmentation
  • Encourage inter-generational activities
  • Promote opportunities, activities and ideas in active citizenship to reduce isolation


The contract to deliver this project has been awarded to Compass Support and will be delivered over a 2-year period. The project is evaluated independently by MEL Research Ltd.

For more information, please contact Michelle Wilkins. Email:)

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