2nd lockdown, a poem


 Nina, a member of the Age of Experience group, has written a poem called "So" which is about the second UK lockdown.


So it's Lockdown again for the second time,

If we all help each other, we will be just fine,

So get each other's numbers and keep in touch,

Make those's extra phone calls, it will mean so much.

So when you go shopping get that extra gift,

For your lonely neighbour, to give them a lift,

So to see them smile on Xmas day,

When their families sadly have to stay away.

So just smile and wave πŸ‘‹ ask if they are alright,

Do the sign of a phone, call me Day or Night,

So I wish everyone a Happy Xmas and New Year,

And cheers πŸ₯‚ we go out without fear.

So when we look back and remember these days,

For people who stood up with the deepest of praise.

So when we all came together,

And remember to words


Birmingham hairdresser, council worker and museum ...
Diwali in lockdown 2020

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