How can we lend a hand to isolated people over 50 in Birmingham?


Well we can start by looking at what we can do together!

That is exactly what citizens of Birmingham have done. By starting new or expanding on existing community groups, people in Birmingham are organising activities for isolated older people. 

A movement is underway which we hope will continue to grow and spread across the city!
Citizens of all ages, men and women from all backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to get together and utilise existing community assets such as local centres, cafés, and businesses, places of worship, existing local knowledge and leaders in the community. Ageing Better Groups are intergenerational and self-organising groups made up of community volunteers. It could be that you want to organise a street party, a weekly lunch club, workshops, an exercise class – anything older people want or need but currently don’t have access to in theit local neighbourhood!

So far this year, the Ageing Better Fund has agreed to cover costs for the following activities, organised by Ageing Better Groups to reach out to isolated older people:

  • An art exhibition and pop-up coffee mornings
  • A support group for people suffering from bereavement
  • A social group focussing on yoga, mindfulness and recipe-swaps
  • Afternoon tea and social activities at a local housing scheme, using the existing community room the residents have access to
  • Walking football
  • Weekly activities for carers that include dominoes, craft, a trip away, dancing, flower arranging, baking and decorating cakes
  • Monthly evening activities for caring fathers that include bowling, theatre trips, comedy nights and trips to the cinema
  • A camping trip for bisexual people over 50 and younger people from the community, that links with existing activities and Birmingham Pride festival
  • Bi-weekly staying-fit sessions and cooking classes
  • Games nights
  • Exercise sessions
  • A singing group
  • Art and craft sessions
  • Guided walks

By speaking to one of our Network Enablers, who support people in the community who would like to start something new, you can organise your own activity and perhaps even get some financial support to get you up and running!
By starting a new social group in your neighbourhood, YOU can make a huge difference to people’s lives.


To find out more, speak to one of our Enablers. You find contact details here:  CLICK HERE


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