Gardening with Oxhill Road Carers

Want to grow things in the nice weather? Why not get isolated older people involved, like Oxhill Road Allotment Carers did, and apply to our fund!

People who garden together share ideas and thoughts, plan ahead together and talk about plants, flowers, vegetables and of course life in general. And even if research has indicated that Brits don’t start gardening until the age of 41*, gardening can be enjoyed by all ages.

Gardening provides fresh air, a bit of fun, exercise and hopefully a visually pleasing surrounding and maybe even home-grown food. Planting seeds, taking cuttings and moving around in the garden increases use of all motor skills such as walking, reaching and bending, building strength and balance. Gardening can also reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing, especially if it’s done together with other people.

Oxhill Road Allotment Carers attend an allotment once or twice a week and enjoy the peace of the allotment and the challenge of growing food. The group is made up of carers who support each other and enjoy each others company. “The allotment gives us a sense of purpose and something to look forward to”, says Geoffrey who leads the group. With the help of the Ageing Better Fund, the group has bought flowers and vegetable seeds, bird boxes and small plants. The group has held open days to encourage new people in the area to join the group and has used their existing skills to make the allotment a safe haven for carers to take a break from their regular responsibilities of being a carer.

Here’s some top tips for keeping safe in the garden , for people who are older or fragile:

  1. Wear sun lotion and clothing that covers the skin – and a hat. Thinning skin is more susceptible to bumps, bruises and sunburn.
  2. Wear suitable foot wear to avoid trips and falls, and gardening gloves
  3. Keep dehydrated – drink water regularly
  4. Take care moving around the garden, especially people with poorer eyesight
  5. Vertical planting can make garden beds more accessible as do raised beds
  6. Adapt tools and equipment with foam, tape and plastic tubing to make them easier to handle or purchase adaptive tools
  7. Have stable chairs and tables to use for comfortable gardening and rest stops

To get involved with Oxhill Road Allotment Carers group, contact Geoffrey on margeoact(at)btinternet.com or speak to the Carers Hub by contacting Christine Higgins ,uk or calling 0333 006 9711.

If you'd like to start your own activity for isolated older people, our Ageing Better Hubs can offer support. You find their contact details here.

 CA02Q3062 Oxhill Road Allotment Carers Group 4CA02Q3062 Oxhill Road Allotment Carers GroupCA02Q3062 Oxhill Road Allotment Carers Group 6


*research by Fiskars, the garden tools supplier

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