Friends from London visit Birmingham's Ageing Better members

In October this year, members of Camden's Ageing Better programme, Ageing Better in Camden, based in St Pancras and Somers Town travelled all the way to our great city to meet with members from Ageing Better in Birmingham's co-production group "Age of Experience".

Members got together to catch up about the programme, have a nice lunch together and more importantly get to know each other better!

Barbara, one of our group members told us:

"What a great Lunch I had today! I met up with some of the comrades from the Ageing Better Age of Experience group and we were honoured to meet a lovely group of people from the Somers Town group. They are based in London and had travelled all the way from London Euston to Birmingham to meet us. We met up at Bella Italia in New street for pizza, pasta and a chat. 

"A lovely friendly group, we had lots of conversations even though at times we broke our childhood rules of talking whilst we were eating! Many of them had developed and supported local groups to offer experience and friendship within their local community and they were very good at communicating these activities.

"The main thing that I noticed as a theme for all these different events is that it made them all feel better about them selves and the contribution they were making to their local society. It is great to know that the values and aims of Ageing Better are spreading across the country and that people from all sorts of backgrounds and with lots of different life experiences are getting involved and getting a lot of self worth from their contributions. 

"I take the adage Make Someone's day out with me all the time and I find it positive and worthwhile. The Ageing Better programme has helped me stay away from being lonely, meet lots of lovely people and feel that I have made a difference at the end of the day. Oh !! and that I deserve the pint I am having !!!"

The Stonewall Generation