New project: Connect Sparkbrook

New project: Connect Sparkbrook

Not long ago, a new project called Connect Sparkbrook, launched in Sparkbrook. It’s part of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme and will be delivered by The Muath Trust. With a focus on Sparkbrook as an area, it aims to improve connectivity and reduce isolation for people over 50. The project will develop local people’s skills, knowledge and understanding of local voluntary and community organisations and community groups and individuals.

Mumtaz Shah, of The Muath Trust, is the Project Co-ordinator for Connect Sparkbrook and responsible for the day to day delivery.
Having extensive experience in working within the Community Development Sector, Mumtaz understands the necessity for a joint-approach in this area.

He said:

“I’m very excited about this new role. The project has a lot of potential to improve connectivity and combat social isolation for those over 50 in Sparkbrook. There are several organisations that are doing excellent community development and engagement work within Sparkbrook, and I’m proud to help make this expertise, knowledge and skills available to smaller groups and organisations that lack the capacity or the know-how.”

In his role, Mumtaz also supports the East Birmingham Collective to meet the aims and objectives of the Ageing Better in Birmingham’s Sparkbrook Hub, to improve access to services for older people.

Connect Sparkbrook focusses on the following activities:

  • Venue assessment – To provide an assessment of the accessibility of venues and facilities in the area and to improve access to community assets for older people. Develop activities and initiatives that enable services to be extended effectively across communities.
  • Social Prescribing – Identify current activity within organisations and growth potential for volunteer/asset involvement and social prescribing related activities. Develop networking / sharing processes between organisations, and provide formal and informal activities that brings groups and their identified active citizens together.
  • Network & Social Media Development – To assess organisations current social media usage and offer training and support on the identified needs and to provide social media training to individuals to increase their active citizenship role.
  • Resource Development – Development of a library of resources to identify resources available within partnership/area. Identify organisations willing to share resources and develop a processes around resource development and identifying needs for area / groups and purchasing equipment.
If any individual or a local community group is interested in finding out more about any of the above activities or would like to get involved then please contact: Ageing Better, Connect Sparkbrook Coordinator, Mumtaz Shah on: 0121 753 0297 or email:
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