Looking for support for your community group?


Are you an un-constituted community group based in Birmingham?

Are you looking for financial support? 

Below you find a list of funding opportunities that may help. Some of these are also open to constituted groups, some have specific requirements too, which could be around a specific need or geographic area. It's worth checking which ones would fit your group, and of course share with others you know would benefit from finding out!

For (newly formed) constituted groups

If you're an Ageing Better group and looking to apply, it may be worth speaking to your Network Enabler for support.

On Monday 16 November, Birmingham Community Matters are holding bite-sized online sessions for people setting up community/voluntary groups in/around Birmingham. 

They cover:

  • Group structure
  • Management committees
  • Setting up a bank account.

Sign up for one, two, or all three:

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