Coming together over Domino and Crafts


A Group for 60+’s that was Reborn, thanks to Ageing Better In Birmingham funding

The Pathfinders Domino and Craft club runs every Friday lunchtime at the Birmingham Community Association in Small Heath – members are treated to a tasty lunch and then they can relax and play dominos, “make and create” using various craft activities or just simply get together and chat.

Looking back, a similar group at the centre was set up about 4 years ago but unfortunately had to close after 18 months. Group organisers Jacqui Daniels and Arlene Bourne then decided to apply to the Ageing Better Fund so that the group could get going again, and thanks to their efforts and with funding for craft supplies, games and provisions from Ageing Better, the group was reborn in February this year.

There are people of all nationalities at the group, including British and Asian, plus a number of ladies and gents from Jamaica, Barbados, St Kitts and Monserrat. There is plenty of lively banter and laughter as well as TV to watch and games to play.
I asked the ladies I met, Gloria, Brenda and Virginia what they liked about the Pathfinders club and the things that made it special to them. It was clear that “getting out of the house – and being active” was important to them, as well as the “good conversation, company and the chance to socialise”.

“….and, of course, having lunch here means we don’t have to cook…” said Gloria.

Once the better weather comes, there is a chance to enjoy trips to the seaside, plus shopping and visits to the local Caribbean market, all arranged with the help of Jacqui and Arlene, the club’s organisers. Visiting speakers also come along, making sure that there is always plenty to do and lots of interesting and fun activities. While I was there, I did hear that, as well as crafts, dominos, word searches and the like, participants in the group have been known to make beautiful crafts and “objet d’art” out of centres of toilet rolls, cigarette packs and other household waste materials, so it is clear that not only is there plenty of creativity about, but also a passion for recycling and care for the environment.

…..I must visit again so I can see examples of this art for myself – or maybe you, or a friend of yours would like to visit? – I am sure that anyone who does would be made most welcome!

The Pathfinders Domino and Craft Club runs every Friday Lunchtime from 1:00 till 3:30 at Birmingham Community association, Jenkins Street Birmingham – for more details visit the Ageing Better in Birmingham web site or get in touch with Jacqui or Arlene on 07521 613 706

Article written by Roger Bauckham – Nexgen Marketing 26/3/18

Pathfinders Domino and crafts 3Pathfinders Domino and crafts 3Pathfinders Domino and crafts 3

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