Christmas at Nan's - A poem


Turkey in the oven

Brussels on the hob - Yeuk!

Carols on the telly

Roasties almost cooked.

Crackers on the table

Knives and forks for all;

Bang! The power's gone again

Give the Electric Board a call!

Everyone fed and watered:

Nan's time for an afternoon nap.

"Fancy a game of Ludo, dad?"

"No a walk: now where's my cap?"

Selection Box only for Christmas

With All Sorts and liquorice stick.

Bellies as full as a piglet's

Mum: I think I'm going to be sick!

Coal fire roaring in the Front Room

Only used for funerals and fest

Cigar smoke billowing upwards

Whoopee cushion: just for a jest!

Outside the hoar frost bites hard

Time for home, so quick to the cars.

It's all over until next year

Manger glistens under the stars.

Richard Green, 2019

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