On a mission to make Birmingham the first Carer Friendly City

Carers Week runs from 8th to 14th June 2020 and because of the COVID-19 crisis it is a little different from normal because it remains impossible to run events and activities which involve people meeting together in a physical place. Many carers we have spoken to during this time have emphasise...
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Birmingham hoping to become leading location for LGBT people to grow older

Birmingham LGBT aims to make Birmingham the leading location for LGBT people to grow older Birmingham LGBT is launching Ageing with Pride, a year-long campaign aimed at promoting the lives and lived experiences of older LGBT people across the city, focusing on highlighting the positive contribu...
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M·E·L Research to evaluate four projects within the Tyburn Local Action Plan

Tyburn Local Action Plan (LAP) Evaluation of Four Projects to tackle social isolation and loneliness amongst older residents in Tyburn.We are delighted to announce that M·E·L Research has been commissioned by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) to evaluate four projects within the Ageing Bet...
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