Neighbourliness campaign launching in Erdington


By 2020, almost 57,000 people aged 65 plus will be living alone in Birmingham, increasing their risk of being isolated. These proportions are higher than the England and regional figures. ​Recent studies suggest that feeling alone and isolated can contribute towards stress, low self-esteem, disturbed sleep, cardiovascular disease, dementia and other mental health outcomes.

Reseach shows that the more people you talk to, the happier you are. While people living alone don't always get that opportunity, the Make Somenoe's Day campaign is raising awareness around the fact that people don't have to be alone. 

Ageing should be an invigorating experience where people make new friends, learn new skills and experience new adventures. 

By checking in on your neighbours, and by talking to people at the bus stop, in the street, in the shop queue, and making those conversations a habit, you contribute to making Birmingham a better place to grow older.

Take part in the campaign:

  • Start a conversation with someone you don't already know: a neighbour or someone in the local shop, at the bus stop or sitting on a bench in the park. Comment on the weather, give a compliment, ask how their day has been – every conversation offers an opportunity to make someone's day
  • Download and print posters about the campaign to put up in your local community
  •  If you have Facebook or Twitter, write about the campaign there, so that many more people can see it. Include the poster too. Like our Facebook page to get updates
  • Let us know if you know of an organisation who would like to host a 3x6 ft. PVC campaign banner (1 of two designs) by emailing

And finally, come to our launch which we are doing at the Happy Streets Community event in Pype Hayes park on the 30 August 2019. 

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