Council conducting survey to improve neighbourhoods

Birmingham Council wants your views!


Birmingham City Council would like to hear your opinion on how local residents, community organisations and public services can work better together in your local area, to improve your services and your neighbourhood.

This survey is about the consultation paper called “Working together in Birmingham’s Neighbourhoods” which you can find, as well as a summary leaflet, at the bottom of this page. Citizens are encouraged to read the paper (which you find, as well as a summary leaflet, at the bottom of this page) before answering the questions which range from "What do you think of our overall approach to working with neighbourhoods?" to Local Devolution deals. 

Following this consultation, the council will publish a final policy statement this autumn, based on the feedback theyreceive. They want to work with residents over the long term to improve Birmingham neighbourhoods and so it won't be the end of the discussion.


You find the survey here:

Please read these documents before completing the survey: 




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