August and the Ageing Better Fund

The British autumn is fast approaching with the weather in Birmingham delivering showers, cloudy skies and chilly winds. The shops have started selling winter coats and thick jumpers and your neighbours are putting their BBQs in the shed until next year. As we are going towards darker days, many of our newly started Ageing Better Networks are organising activities focussing on crafts, DIY and meals.

To support those over 50 who are isolated, Ageing Better in Birmingham aims to start a grassroots movement where citizens across the city become volunteers. As a volunteer you can organise larger activities such as a street party, a community event or a six months programme of activities. Equally important, you may want to just check in on your neighbours and ensure that they are fine. Maybe you are popping in for a cup of tea, helping them change a light bulb or taking the bins out on collection day.


Together, we can make a positive change for someone; make our community more cohesive and more resilient for changes in the future. 


To find out more about how to start your own network, speak to one of the Ageing Better Hubs for your area. In August, the fund agreed to cover costs for activities such as community barbeques, exercise classes, coffee mornings, a drama group, art classes and meals. If you want to see some of the events happening in your area, check out our events page which is updated constantly. 


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