Ageing with Pride campaign awarded to Brmingham LGBT

Ageing with Pride campaign awarded to Brmingham LGBT

Ageing with Pride awarded to Birmingham LGBT


The project, one of several within the LGBT Community Local Action Plan, is co-designed with older LGBT people. It is an intensive campaign through effective marketing and communication approaches using community development and active citizenship.

Ageing with Pride will be an integrated city-wide campaign that combines community development techniques, marketing and communications, and active citizenship. Its aims are to:

  • Celebrate older LGBT peoples’ lives
  • Present positive images of LGBT ageing
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the causes of social isolation amongst older LGBT people and means of preventing this
  • Address ageism in the LGBT community
  • Challenge homophobia and stereotypes that can cause social isolation in older age.
  • Help older LGBT people prepare for ageing to increase confidence to create connections across all communities to avoid isolation
  • Increase visibility of the older LGBT community
  • Promote positive messages about all members of the LGBT community and from all backgrounds
  • Publicise the issues and causes of social isolation amongst older LGBT people, and highlight positive human interest stories about coming out of isolation to encourage others to take the first step
  • Utilise volunteers/active citizens wherever effective.

The contract to deliver this campaign has been awarded to Birmingham LGBT and will be delivered over an 18-month period. The project is evaluated independently by ABIC Ltd.

For more information, please contact James Wharton at Birmingham LGBT:  
or visit https://blgbt.org/ageing-with-pride/


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