New project aimed at making Tyburn an 'age-friendly' neighbourhood

New project aimed at making Tyburn an 'age-friendly' neighbourhood

Sustrans is delivering Age Friendly Tyburn, a project aimed at increasing an ‘age-friendly’ neighbourhood and reducing social isolation by creating a positive long-term improvement of the physical environment in the Tyburn Ward.

This project is funded by BVSC and is part of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme. It will run until June 2020.


What is the project about?

Sustrans will be working to support people in Tyburn to identify aspects of the urban environment that make travel and connectivity to the community difficult, such as crossing points, links between neighbourhoods and access to green spaces. An initial audit of the area will lead to developing and trialling ideas that positively enhance their neighbourhood environment to make it Age-Friendly and make access for over 50s easier.

The trials will initially be low cost and short term – but with the view to using them as evidence to establish lasting positive changes. Because the project is community led, it is not yet known what ideas will be generated and ultimately trialled.

The ideas could involve things like changing timings on crossings, or adding additional crossings. They could also involve looking at ways to make the journey more attractive, like adding more greenery or more benches to be able to take a break.

Previous projects Sustrans have had success with, include improved pedestrian facilities such as traffic calming, new or improved crossing points and more comfortable journeys.


Why is it done?

Urban environments can have a huge impact on people’s health and wellbeing. The character and condition of streets and public spaces can influence how physically active people are and how positive people feel about their local community overall.

By looking at ways to make the public places, outdoor spaces and streets easier to travel around, the project aims to encourage people to access activities and services and reduce the possibility of social isolation.

Neighbourhoods that are pleasant, safe and sociable are often the happiest and healthiest places to live and socialise.


How will the project work?

The initial stages of the project will be about exploring what the physical environment is like and identifying opportunities to try some new ideas or make some positive changes.

Sustrans officers will be in the area looking at the physical environment and would like residents from the community to participate in identifying the problem hotspots that make travel difficult.


Do you want to get involved?

Are you over 50? Do you want to be involved and have your say in the changes that are proposed?

Get in touch with Ridhi - 07810 655 934, or email



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