A Bottom Drawer


I wonder if any ladies (and possibly men) remember a mysterious place known as 'A bottom drawer'. Apart from the obvious that is!

Well, young ladies used to keep items, often of a practical nature, such as, linens, utensils and household items, towards a possible marriage. It was probably something left over from a drawer, chest or box which women kept possessions in, for this reason mine was a little different.

A few weeks ago, I went into my kitchen to find the bottom drawer where I usually keep tea towels open about an inch. So I bent down to close it, it wouldn't shut! A little investigation showed why, a hedgehog had stowed away there and was enjoying a nice snooze. How did it get in? I couldn't work it out, especially as the drawer wasn't open the night before. Has anyone ever heard of a pig-burglar'? 

The kind neighbour next door extracted the interloper using heavy gauntlets, my own having no resistance to extremely sharp prickles, just like thick needles!!! He/she was released unharmed into the garden and has not been seen since. There seems no point in charging for the stay. He/she was a very prickly customer!

Diane Waring

Diane is a member of our Age of Experience group and is a keen writer. She has previously written for Ageing Better in Birmingham about connecting with people while out and about.

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