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Buddying Scheme for carers launching in Birmingham

A new project has started in Birmingham. TELEBUDDIES will be delivered by Disability Resource Centre, and is part of the Carers Local Action Plan.

A key part of Ageing Better in Birmingham, Local Action Plans aim to improve the lives of older people who are carers, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, or live in Tyburn or Sparkbrook.
Telebuddies is a telephone buddying scheme for older carers, requiring the design, delivery and evaluation of an effective telephone ‘buddying’ scheme for older carers.


Telebuddies will launch two different models of telephone buddying, and assess how effective they are. The different models are aimed at increasing carers’ social contact, emotional resilience, as well as providing a system to identify early warning signs of isolation. Evaluation from the project will be used to make recommendations for future plans and identify a self-organising future that supports older carers to connect and offer mutual support beyond the project lifetime.


Disability Resource Centre will deliver the project over a two year period and will set up two different models:

A circular model where each carer will call another designated carer, a so called “carer-to-carer telebuddies network”. Whilst essentially informal and self-managing, the second model is a more formal and centralised version. This is where a central volunteer (a telebuddy) will make calls to multiple carers.

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