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LGBT Survey about attitudes and awareness

Are you part of the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community in Birmingham? We want to hear from you! ABIC Ltd, an evaluation company based in Leamington Spa is undertaking an evaluation of the Ageing with Pride initiative, which is part of our programme. Ageing with Pride is a project that seeks to raise awareness of the LGBT community to reduce the risks of social isolation in later life. As part of its work, between now and the end of July, ABIC is conducting a survey amongst the LGBT community in Birmingham about attitudes and awareness to growing older and the challenges faced. The information will be collated and analysed and used to inform activity in Birmingham designed to increase awareness of the LGBT community about ageing. You are invited to complete the short online questionnaire which can be found via the following link.  Please share this information as widely as you can to......

We're recruiting!

This is an inspring time for Ageing Better in Birmingham! We're half way through the programme and we're starting to see citizens doing things in their local community that has an affect in reducing isolation for participants on the programme.


We currently have three exciting vacancies available. 

Please read through the job adverts below for more information:


And if you're looking for more opportunites working in the Voluntary Sector in Birmingham, check out BVSC's job board here:

Ageing Better in Birmingham Opportunity – Quotes requested to deliver the independent evaluation of Age Friendly Tyburn (Part of the Tyburn Local Action Plan)

Ageing Better in Birmingham is requesting quotations for the provision of an independent evaluation of Age Friendly Tyburn, a project within the Tyburn Local Action Plan. The deadline for the submission of quotations has been extended to Wednesday  27th June at 5pm.

More information in regards to this opportunity can be found within the Brief for the delivery of the evaluation, which can be accessed here

New ways of volunteering: asset based community participation

The broad definition of volunteering, given by the NCVO, includes any unpaid activity which benefits the society or other people. This could be formal activity, undertaken through a service provider or informal activity within the community. Typically, formal volunteering involves a recruitment process similar to paid roles, properly delineated shift hours and the clear differentiation between volunteers and participants. A 2010 working paper, published by the Institute for Volunteering Research, found that after working without pay, and spending time on activities which would benefit a cause other than the individual, there was a third, commonly used definition. This conception emphasises the mutually beneficial aspects of volunteering. From improvement of skills to the positive feeling gained when giving back to the community, there are clearly a range of more abstract motivations which appeal to the volunteer. However, the perception of volunteering as defined by (lack of) payment continues. The same working paper......

Older people should never feel isolated for who they love or who they are

Encouraging Diversity, Building Community - in a Care Home and Beyond…   “In this day and age, when people are more open and able to speak freely about their sexuality, some of the older generation are still a little bit more reserved with it. It’s important that once they’ve come out and been themselves … that 20 years later they don’t feel like they can’t be themselves, and aren’t discriminated against.” -Carl Austin-Behan, Manchester’s first openly gay Lord Mayor   Moving to a care home in later life is like moving to any other community. There are people you haven’t met before, who come from different parts of society and backgrounds to yourself, a new and different culture to adapt to, and new ways of doing things which are perhaps not quite what you have been used to before. For a member of the LGBT community, making such a move can be additionally chall......

Black Country Workshop tackling loneliness by involving all parts of our community

If you are from the black country, we urge you to sign up to this important Cabinet Office Policy Lab Workshop   On Friday the 15th June the Office for Civil Society is organising a workshop with speakers from organisations such as the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission and the Cabinet Office. During the workshop, attendants are invited to examine how Social Value can be used in tackling loneliness from individuals and communities through to businesses, charities and government. This important workshop will examine how a Social Value approach can contribute to creating a social economy and economic growth that also creates wellbeing and a society for all.  The event has some fantastic speakers, including the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission, the West Midlands Combined Authority, the Office for Civil Society and the Cabinet Office. If you are from the black country, we urge you to sign up today! Register here: The Office for Civil Society......

Making Space for Carers awarded to Forward Carers Consortium

New Birmingham project seeks to increase social connections between older carers and the wider community We are pleased to announce that Making Space for Carers has been awarded to Forward Carers Consortium. Making Space for Carers is a 2-year project that seeks to increase social connections between older carers and with the wider community by identifying suitable spaces in the community, to connect older carers and former older carers. This project hopes to enable older carers and former older carers to find purpose and meaning by sharing their experiences with others thereby mutually reducing social isolation and increasing mutual support. The project will establish supportive peer-led forums for older carers and former older carers in physical spaces hosted at health centres or other appropriate community venues. Each space will be led and organised by a central volunteer, who is supported and trained by a development coordinator. We are pleased to announce......

Quality of wellbeing in the UK on the rise

National statistics on wellbeing 2017 The Office for National Statistics recently published its 2017 report which reveals the positive news that the general quality of wellbeing in the UK is rising. This is reflected in the findings that ‘average ratings of happiness and feeling that the things done in life are worthwhile have slightly increased’. Feelings of life satisfaction; that things in life are worthwhile and happiness are all very high, while anxiety is very low. Interestingly, mental health wellbeing was rated only average. Regarding relationships, 5.4% of people reported feelings of loneliness which shows no improvement. Furthermore, fewer people feel as though they have someone to rely on, in serious circumstances. Thankfully, satisfaction with leisure time has increased, as have feelings of belonging to one’s neighbourhood. In general, these findings show that as a nation, we are getting better at feeling better. However, we still have further to go. Fighting lonel......

Over 135 activities for over 50s in June!

Are you over 50 and isolated? Do you know of someone who could benefit from meeting new people and making friends?   Here at Ageing Better in Birmingham we support people who are over 50, based somewhere in the city and who would like to get to know people in their local neighbourhood.   We love neighbours!   Together, we believe we can look out for people around us, to make citizens more connected, and ultimately, to Make Birmingham A Better Place To Grow Older. We also believe that to make a difference to people's lives, whether it's your own or an older neighbous, it doesn't take much. It coule be that you speak with your neighbour and check whether they need help with changing a light bulb, taknig the bins out or sperhaps help with shopping. Maybe you can have share a cuppa in the garden or during a rainy spell?......

How can we lend a hand to isolated people over 50 in Birmingham?

Well we can start by looking at what we can do together! That is exactly what citizens of Birmingham have done. By starting new or expanding on existing community groups, people in Birmingham are organising activities for isolated older people.  A movement is underway which we hope will continue to grow and spread across the city!Citizens of all ages, men and women from all backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to get together and utilise existing community assets such as local centres, cafés, and businesses, places of worship, existing local knowledge and leaders in the community. Ageing Better Groups are intergenerational and self-organising groups made up of community volunteers. It could be that you want to organise a street party, a weekly lunch club, workshops, an exercise class – anything older people want or need but currently don’t have access to in theit local neighbourhood! So far this year, the Ageing Better Fund......

Ageing with Pride

Ageing with Pride awarded to Birmingham LGBT   The project, one of several within the LGBT Community Local Action Plan, is co-designed with older LGBT people. It is an intensive campaign through effective marketing and communication approaches using community development and active citizenship. Ageing with Pride will be an integrated city-wide campaign that combines community development techniques, marketing and communications, and active citizenship. Its aims are to: Celebrate older LGBT peoples’ lives Present positive images of LGBT ageing Raise awareness and understanding of the causes of social isolation amongst older LGBT people and means of preventing this Address ageism in the LGBT community Challenge homophobia and stereotypes that can cause social isolation in older age. Help older LGBT people prepare for ageing to increase confidence to create connections across all communities to avoid isolation Increase visibility of the older LGBT community Promote positive messages about all members of the LGBT community a......

50 years of gay - most of it spent in the closet

Born 1954, Michael shares his experiences of being gay and staying in the closet for much of his life. In this great blog post, we get to know a man who felt he had to confine to the norms of society, which at the time he grew up was not accepting sexuality outside the heterosexual spectrum.
Speaking of finally finding a social group local to him, Michael writes that “it was an immense relief to find other people who had gone through the same problems that I had, and it helped me realise who I really am.”

A really great read! Full story here: 

Connect Sparkbrook: Addressing Older People’s Social Isolation awarded to The Muath Trust

Exciting new project in Sparkbrook Connect Sparkbrook: Addressing Older People’s Social Isolation is a two-year, ward-wide project, capable of reaching all parts of the Sparkbrook Ward and all its communities. The project will have two work streams: Connecting Communities with a focus on place, toa. Improve local community infrastructure;b. Increase reach and improve accessibility of community-based provision;c. Address transport and access to transport issues, and d. Other place-based improvements to address social isolation amongst older residents. Promoting Active Citizenship, with a focus on people to.a. Support, encourage and enable active citizenship;b. Raise levels of engagement, involvement and neighbourliness, and c. Other people-based solutions to address social isolation amongst older residents. We are pleased to announce that the contract to deliver this project has been awarded to The Muath Trust as the lead organisation, in partnership with Ashiana Community Project, Narthex Sparkhill and the Springfield project and will be delivered over a 2......

Yoga, Pampering and “Trips Out” at Hamstead Hall Carers

Caring for a loved one, particularly one who is suffering from dementia, can be lonely and isolating, so it’s good to be able meet with others who are in the same position, talk about shared experiences and offer support and guidance to one another. Located at the border of Sandwell and Birmingham, the Hamstead Hall Carers group has offered support for carers since 2003. Originally set up by the Dementia Information and Support Team, part of Crossroads Sandwell, the group was held monthly to start with and now runs every week. Through a recent move to the Clem Dench Scouting Hut, on Hamstead Hall Rd in Handsworth, a bright, clean venue close to local bus routes, the group now benefits from good catering facilities and plenty of space for activities of all sorts. Leading this large group with over 50 me members are Asha and Tirath (pictured below) who make sure t......

Building an Ageing Better community in Glebe Farm

A few years ago, there used to be a community centre in the Glebe Farm area of Birmingham, a place where people of all ages could go and join in with community activities, toddler clubs, ESOL classes, games etc. But then, like so many other public meeting places, thanks to council spending cuts, the centre was closed, leaving a big gap in the area for people who wanted to enjoy fellowship, shared activities and support each other. Then, along came local activist and campaigner Paul Clayton, with a personal mission to bring life back into the community, fight council cuts and look for new ways of providing community facilities to help prevent social Isolation and loneliness among older people.  “I was delighted when I heard about the Ageing Better fund and was grateful to receive much needed funding to start a new community group for the older residents of Glebe Farm, s......

Ageing Well in Birmingham

Ageing Well in Birmingham


Birmingham City Council in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) invite you to an engagement event about the development of a new Birmingham Ageing Well Strategy.

This Ageing Well event has two main aims, and they are:

  • To provide citizens with the opportunity to hear about the work currently taking place in relation to adult social care and health;
  • To provide citizens with the opportunity to feedback experiences as well as understanding your views in relation to adult social care and health services.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided and although the event commences at 10.15am you are welcome to join at any time during the event. Please note that this event is targeted at adults aged 55 years or over and their friends, family and carers.


To sign up, visit



Hearing Birmingham: A Debate on the City's Future

The Ageing Better community is invited to attend Hearing Birmingham: A Debate on the City's Future   On the 24th May, The Hearings, a not-for-profit organisation co-founded by the founders of Intelligence Squared, The Week and openDemocracy are organising an event which will explore the city's identity, the issues it faces, and how local people can be involved more in shaping the city's future, all as told by Birmingham people.  The event aims to bring an audience together around local issues that affect them, and will hear proposals from people doing things locally to improve the collective life of the city. Frank Lawton, Director of The Hearings said of the event "Too often older communities aren’t included in civic discussion and conversations about the future of the city. We want to help remedy that. This is an exciting, inclusive civic event in Birmingham and we want various people to attend. This is a fantastic opportunity to for older p......

Using digital tools when travelling by bus

National Express West Midlands is offering FREE workshops around using their digital tools when travelling by bus.   The bus company, one of the largest bus operators in the UK, will support you in becoming a ‘tech savvy’ senior or an overall ‘bus genius’, to help make traveling by bus as easy as possible. The hour-long workshops are offered free of charge for everybody and anybody wanting to refresh their journey planning skills and would like to discover how to use their website and mobile apps.   When is it?  There will be 2 workshops Friday 1st June 2018 Friday 15th June 2018 How long is it?  14:30pm - 15:30 pm (1 hour) What will I learn? Mticket app• How to download the app• How to purchase tickets• How to use a mobile ticket Bus App• How to find out about stops and times• How to plan a journey • How to save your favour......

Coming together over Domino and Crafts

A Group for 60+’s that was Reborn, thanks to Ageing Better In Birmingham funding The Pathfinders Domino and Craft club runs every Friday lunchtime at the Birmingham Community Association in Small Heath – members are treated to a tasty lunch and then they can relax and play dominos, “make and create” using various craft activities or just simply get together and chat. Looking back, a similar group at the centre was set up about 4 years ago but unfortunately had to close after 18 months. Group organisers Jacqui Daniels and Arlene Bourne then decided to apply to the Ageing Better Fund so that the group could get going again, and thanks to their efforts and with funding for craft supplies, games and provisions from Ageing Better, the group was reborn in February this year. There are people of all nationalities at the group, including British and Asian, plus a number of ladies ......

Birmingham Community Innovation Fund welcomes new proposals

Birmingham Community Innovation Fund is welcoming new proposals which can support the three priorities: supporting social participation and loneliness; carers; and preventing homelessness. The fund is delivered by Birmingham City Council in partnership with Crowdfunder to match funds raised by projects and campaigns through the “crowd”. For proposals which match the priorities and outcomes, Birmingham City Council will provide 50% match-funding up to the value of £10,000. They are looking to invest £200,000 in total over the next six months and full details are available via Since November, the fund has successfully supported five projects and campaigns, pledging £35,000 to match £46,000 raised through the “crowd” (total value of approximately £81,000). A list of projects that have been funded so far can be found via The funders are very willing to support creative ideas and activity, to understand the broad range of activity which can have a positive impact on adu......

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