Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation
  • How do we apply?

    Start by reading the Ageing Better Fund Guidance document and contact an Ageing Better Hub. Hubs support Ageing Better Groups and can help find isolated older adults in your community. All applications need to be signed off by an Ageing Better Hub before they are submitted to the fund.


  • What can we apply for?

    The Ageing Better Fund will invest in locally identified proposals (new activities, services, initiatives). This might be as simple as stopping by to make a cup of tea and have a chat or helping with shopping. Equally, you can work with people over 50 in your area to help start other new activities or services that older people want but currently have no access to. The Ageing Better Fund can help pay for these new activities up to a maximum of £2,000. For more details, read the Application Form Guidance Document by clicking here. The guidance document includes a list of activities that the fund can and cannot be used for. The fund can cover costs up to a maximum of £2,000.


  • Can we apply for more than £2,000?

    No, the fund can cover costs for activities from £10 - £2,000. 


  • Can we speak to someone about our idea before we apply?

    Yes! The Ageing Better Hubs provide support and guidance for citizens of Birmingham who would like to apply for funding. The Hubs have all appointed Network Enablers, who are dedicated to working with citizens of Birmingham who wish to create an activity and apply to the fund. Contact details for the Hubs can be found here: Contacts page


  • Who can apply?

    Citizens across Birmingham, of all ages can apply to the fund by creating an Ageing Better Group. They are made up of Birmingham citizens who have decided to get together to make a change to isolated older people in Birmingham. You do not need to have a constitution or be a formally recognised group to apply to the fund. We encourage neighbours and other groups of people to get together. To set up an Ageing Better Group, contact one of the Ageing Better Hubs or read the Starter Pack that the Network Enabler can provide for you.


  • I work in the community already. Can I apply to the fund to deliver an activity?

    A person involved in an activity or an Ageing Better Group cannot also apply to be a financial beneficiary for that activity. For example, if you are a yoga teacher or a caterer, you cannot be the Group Lead (the person organising the activity) and also apply to cover your fees for that same Ageing Better Group. People supporting applications and group members also being in receipt of the money allocated does not enable the function of community support to provide a check on how the money is allocated. 

  • When can we apply to the fund?

    You can apply at any time of the year, applications are reviewed monthly. There is a break in January 2019 so the first applications of  that year will be reviewed in February 2019. Please note that it takes up to six weeks before you receive the outcome of your application (although it will usually take less than 6 weeks to find out if you've been successful, when you submit an application for February 2019 you may have to wait a little longer than usual). If your application is denied, you can apply again at any point.

  • What is an Ageing Better Group?

    These are groups of people who will help stay in touch with and look out for isolated older people in their area, offering simple, practical local support and involvement. The Ageing Better Fund can help with modest funding for these new involvement opportunities and uses this term to describe applicants. Citizens of all ages can start an Ageing Better Group. This could be as part of a street, a group of friends, a place or worship, or however you think would suit the needs of older people over 50. You can contact an Ageing Better Hub for more details. 

  • How are we paid if we are successful in applying to the fund?

    The Ageing Better Fund does not provide grants and so you will not receive a lump sum for your activities. Instead, the fund can cover expenses for your activity. In practice, this means that BVSC (the organisation that manages the Ageing Better Fund) will buy items or services on your behalf, which will enable you to deliver the activity. If you have any questions about this, contact an Ageing Better Hub.

  • Can we apply again if we have previously had expenses covered by the fund?

    If you have previously been successful and have had the fund cover costs for an activity, you cannot apply to have expenses covered for the same or a repeat activity so if you want to do something similar to what the fund already paid for, your application would need to demonstrate how your activity is run with different target groups, in a new area or how it has otherwise been developed from your initial activity.


  • How will BVSC make sure activities are benefiting older people over 50?

    All applications need to be signed by a minimum of three older people over 50 to show they support your activity. You also need to speak to older people in your local area, to make sure the activity you are putting on is something that they want and need. The fund is overseen by a Fund Panel that review applications on a monthly basis. Older people sit on the panel and help make decisions.

  • What do I do if I have a complaint or concern relating to the Ageing Better Fund?

    BVSC is committed to achieve the Ageing Better programme aims and objectives through the delivery of high quality services and activities. We expect anyone involved with Ageing Better in Birmingham activities, who has serious and genuine concerns about any aspect of our work to come forward and voice those concerns. Contact  if you have a complaint or concern relating to the fund. You find the Complaints & Concerns Policy by clicking here.