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This is where you find documents related to the Ageing Better Fund, such as a promotional leaflet, guidance on how to fill out the application, the application and more. Have a look below, and if you can't find what you are looking for, contact an Ageing Better Hub.


pdfAgeing Better Fund Leaflet

This leaflet is used to promote the fund and gives some basic information about the fund and where to find more information. Feel free to print this off if you want to share it with people you know. 

Application Form Guidance Document

Everything you need to know to apply to the fund! This guide is designed to help you understand if you can apply to the fund, and how to do it.

Application Form

This is the application form. Make sure you read the guidance document and speak to a Network Enabler at an Ageing Better Hub before you fill it in.

  Asset Management Process

This process shows you how items purchased through the Ageing Better Fund will be managed. We refer to items that can be used again as 'assets'.

Asset Loan Terms & Conditions

Read this if your group wants the fund to pay for an item that can be used again and again. You must provide a signed copy of these Asset Loan Terms & Conditions before we can purchase items on your behalf.

Expenses Claim Form

Successful applicants use this form to claim back expenses from the Ageing Better Fund. Please make sure you have agreed with the fund in advance that we will cover expenses this way.

docxClaiming Expenses Process

This process outlines how applicants can be reimbursed for costs related to their activity.

  Complaints & Concerns Policy

If you have any concerns or complaints relating to the Ageing Better Fund please follow this policy.

 Preferred Suppliers List

The PSL provides you with contact details for our preferred suppliers. Suppliers on this list must be used for certain services such as printing.