Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation

The Ageing Better Fund is part of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme which is led by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund


We strongly believe that neighbours, friends and people coming together in the community can make a real difference to the lives of isolated older people. By looking out for each other and taking time to say hello and speak to our neighbours, we can break down barriers between young and old, differenct communities, backgrounds, experiences and living arrangements. 

To support this taking place across Birmingham, the programme is helping people develop community cohesion in areas where this is needed. There are staff on the ground, called Network Enablers, who are meeting with people who want to make a difference. There is also the Ageing Better Fund. 

No matter how innovative or unqiue your idea is, if it is what people over 50 in your community want to do and it includes isolated people over 50 in the design of your activity, then consider applying to the Ageing Better Fund! The Ageing Better Fund can cover costs up to £2,000. You can find more information about what the fund can and cannot pay for, and how to apply, in the Ageing Better Fund Guidance document which you can find on our documents page. It's worth noting that the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme is a learning programme and we ask all groups to fill in questionnaires that support our national evaluation.


Activities such as the ones organised by Ageing Better Groups will make the community better able to cope with changing circumstances and isolation in the future. Applications are reviewed by the Ageing Better Fund Panel which is made up of staff, a core partnership board member and members of our Age of Experience group.

As outlined in the Ageing Better Fund Guidance Document, all applicants need to contact an Ageing Better Hub before applying to the Ageing Better Fund. The fund will not accept applications unless they are submitted through a hub. So far the fund has helped pay for over 208 activities across Birmingham, including skills workshops in cake decoration, using smart phones and safe internet browsing, exercise classes such as yoga, Bhangra, Pickleball and traditional Bosnian folk dancing, art classes in mosaic, paining and paper crafts. Whatever your idea is, we look forward to hearing about it! Speak to an Ageing Better Hub today to find out more!