Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation

The Ageing Better Fund has been set up to allow citizens of all ages to apply for activities, initiatives, events and services for the collective benefit of older people across Birmingham. Citizens who are interested in starting and running an activity can set up an Ageing Better Group.

Ageing Better Groups are groups of people who will help stay in touch with and look out for people over 50. An Ageing Better Group could be set up by neighbours in a street, residents in a housing scheme, as part of a care home, by people who know each other through their local church, mosque or other place of worship, or simply by a group of friends who want to make a difference to their local community. This might be as simple as stopping by to make a cup of tea and have a chat or helping with shopping. But equally, Ageing Better Groups can work with older people in their area to help start entirely new activities or services that older people want but currently have no access to. The Ageing Better Fund can help with modest funding for these new activities.

If you have an idea that you think will help reduce isolation and benefit older people, the Ageing Better Fund can help pay for expenses up to £2,000. To apply, contact one of our Ageing Better Hubs who will support you with your application. Have a look at our video below to find out more!