Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation

Birmingham hoping to become leading location for LGBT people to grow older

Birmingham LGBT aims to make Birmingham the leading location for LGBT people to grow older   Birmingham LGBT is launching Ageing with Pride, a year-long campaign aimed at promoting the lives and lived experiences of older LGBT people across the city, focusing on highlighting the positive contributions those over the age of 50 and who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender have made to the region both today and historically. The new campaign, funded by the Big Lottery Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better programme, also aims to tackle ageism, something many older LGBT people experience from not only wider society, but commonly from within their own community too. “There’s an emphasis on youth as being central to participation in LGBT communities” Birmingham LGBT research, 2016. Research by Stonewall highlighted that social isolation is a serious issue for older LGBT people, with older LGBT people significantly more likely to be living alone, 41% compa......
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M·E·L Research to evaluate four projects within the Tyburn Local Action Plan

Tyburn Local Action Plan (LAP) Evaluation of Four Projects to tackle social isolation and loneliness amongst older residents in Tyburn. We are delighted to announce that M·E·L Research has been commissioned by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) to evaluate four projects within the Ageing Better in Birmingham Tyburn Local Action Plan over two years. Each project has different timescales but will involve a broadly common evaluation methodology involving a mixed methods approach. For all four projects the evaluation will explore the effectiveness of delivery, assess progress against key outcomes, and identify lessons learned. The overall aim of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme is to facilitate change in the way older people are considered by and within communities to empower citizens to take part in and influence activities, in order to reduce isolation in later life. The programme works at neighbourhood level using a grassroots, assets-based approach to create a new m......
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