Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation


Our delivery organisations are a collection of voluntary sector organisations experienced in facilitating communities. 


Ground work West MidlandsGroundwork West Midlands (GWWM) works with our Age of Experience group 

Groundwork West Midlands (GWWM) was founded with the amalgamation of four previously registered individual Groundwork Trusts. We are a ‘doing’ organisation, helping people, communities and organisations make changes to create better neighbourhoods, build skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a healthier, greener way.
As a charity, Groundwork West Midlands works alongside local communities, public bodies, private companies and other voluntary sector organisations to support local communities.
We have over twenty years' experience of delivering bespoke projects that use the environment as a catalyst for building a more sustainable future. Every year we deliver hundreds of projects across the West Midlands, helping improve the quality of people's lives, their prospects and potential and the places where they live, work and play.
We work towards a vision – of a society of sustainable communities, which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper. Creating those sustainable communities means developing initiatives, which cut across economics, social issues and the environment. Our work is diverse, but all of it helps to achieve our vision. We create real change. That means carrying out work locally, regionally and nationally that:
• Builds people's skills, resilience and improves job prospects
• Redesigns our neglected open spaces for twenty-first century use
• Helps people make their own decisions about their area
• Motivates and develops our young people

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CFE Research LeicesterCFE Research carries out local evaluation of Ageing Better in Birmingham

CFE Research have been commissioned by BVSC to carry out the local evaluation of Ageing Better in Birmingham. The local evaluation aims to understand what works when it comes to reducing and preventing isolation among older people. We will be gathering evidence on how effective the different elements of the programme are. We will also be looking at the achievements of the programme and exploring the impact on older people, the services they receive and their local community. For more information, visit


Ageing Better in Birmingham is a city wide programme with four-priority areas where risks of isolation are especially high - Tyburn, Sparkbrook, LGBT Community and Older Carers. We work across the city and these areas through our Ageing Better Hubs which you can find out more about below. 


Compass Support Logo CMYK POPG 3Tyburn Hub, led by Compass Support
We provide innovative responses to social change through a range of proven support services across Birmingham. Our opportunities include health and well-being provision, support to families and vulnerable people, services for young people, and employment and training advice.
Compass Support, as its predecessor Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services, helped benefit the lives of hundreds of individuals and families. As Compass Support, we provide an active response to the impact of a reduction in public spending and reforms such as health, social care, and welfare.
Our opportunities unlock potential and we achieve successful outcomes with our customers. On average, our opportunities have had a positive impact upon over 90% of our customers. Our quality provision leads to high customer satisfaction - 98%.
• Understand people and communities
• Create independence not dependence
• Offer a responsive and holistic approach to benefit individuals
• Provide quality opportunities and work in partnership with like-minded organisations who want to make a real change
• Are outcome and impact led, innovating and sharing
We help young people, offering a number of services to help young people develop confidence through new experiences and opportunities. Our specialist mentoring service and growing 5 star careers service have opened new doors for many.
We improve health and wellbeing through our targeted health and wellbeing programmes which inform, advise and guide people to make decisions that will improve their physical health and wellbeing.
We increase skills and employability via drop-in sessions and 1:1 support to develop employability skills and have particular expertise in helping people overcome barriers in their lives to access paid employment.
We support families, vulnerable groups and older people. Working within communities means we offer easy access to our opportunities. Our ‘whole’ family or ‘person’ approaches help meet complex needs, building individuals’ abilities to respond to complex challenges within the home (such as relationships, financial, education, employment or health) and increase independent living. Our programmes reduce social isolation, in particular for older people, as we manage one of the hubs for the Ageing Better programme in Birmingham. For more information, visit

Narthex Charity ColourSpabrook Hub - led by Narthex Sparkhill
Narthex Sparkhill is a charity set up by St. John’s Anglican Church in Sparkhill. The Heart of Narthex work is to meet the culturally diverse needs of our local communities, providing quality facilities that offer a place of welcome. We work in one of the 4% most deprived communities in the UK. Against the backdrop of need and diversity we seek to fulfil theirmandate of Encouraging Cohesion through Education, Social Action, Families, Children’s and Young Peoples work. For more information, visit

Birmingham LGBT logoLGBT Hub - led by Birmingham LGBT
Birmingham LGBT is the city’s leading charity advocating for and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities in Birmingham and beyond. We offer a range of services focused on improving the health & wellbeing of individuals.
We also believe passionately that Birmingham should be one of the best places in the UK for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people to live, work and socialise, and work to enable a thriving, visible and PROUD LGBT community in the city. For more information, visit

carers hub logo cmyk high resCarers Hub - led by Forward Carers Consortium
Forward Carers is a West Midlands based carer support service, here to make a real difference to the lives of people caring for an elderly frail, sick or disabled family member. Our aim is simple – to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of carers, young and old, including parent carers, so that families stay healthier and happier together, for longer. For more information, visit

AgeUKCity Wide - led by Age UK Birmingham in partnership with Age Concern
We are a partnership of local and national assets, led by Age UK Birmingham working with Age Concern Birmingham as a consortium with large local and national ‘footprints’. Together we have been delivering services to older people in Birmingham for a combined period of over 40 years; and are currently providing day opportunities, befriending and information and advice to older people over 50 and their carers. For more information, visit