Bring your community together & help those over 50 to overcome isolation

 The Age of Experience Group is a group of older people who meet up bimonthly and discuss their experiences on the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme, future opportunities and training needs.

Examples of previous opportunities include working with NCS, an intergenerational project where older people speak to younger people about their experience of and to raise awareness of social isolation. Dragon’s Den panels offer young people the chance to pitch business ideas to a panel where a member of the Age of Experience Group sits.

There are also opportunities to attend events and meet people from other Ageing Better groups across the country! Recently one Age of Experience group member went to Sheffield and met people from similar groups, she was given the chance to speak at a conference about her own personal experience of social isolation and what impact Ageing Better in Birmingham has had on her life. 

Several exciting opportunities centres around procurement, where Age of Experience members sit on a panel at BVCS and are involved in the decision making of awarding contracts. Members also take part in programme recruitment processes, sit on the Ageing Better Fund Panel and help inform decisions around marketing & communications.

Watch our film below, which includes several members from our Age of Experience group!