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Stephen Raybould – Programmes Director (Ageing Better) 

I am the Programmes Director for Ageing Better in Birmingham. My goal is to create and maintain focus, enthusiasm and momentum to tackle the issue of isolation in those over 50. I am responsible, on behalf of Ageing Better Core Strategic Partnership, for delivering the change brought about by Ageing Better in Birmingham.

I pull together the various work streams involved and manage their inter-dependencies including oversight of any risks and issues that arise. I also take the lead in integrating learning back into the programme.

I also am responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of the programme. I do this by developing and maintaining the programme environment to support each individual project within it. This is largely achieved by working through the programme management office, and Ageing Better’s excellent team.

Nita Upadhyay

Nita Upadhyay – Network Enabler (Sparkbrook) 

I’m the Network Enabler for the Sparkbrook Hub. Narthex Sparkhill leads on the delivery in partnership with the East Birmingham Collective. My role involves supporting people in Sparkbrook, and surrounding areas covering B10, B11, and B12 to apply for funds of up to 2k to set up new activities to involve local older people and make them less isolated. If over 50s contact the Hub I also signpost them to Ageing Better activities running in the area. I enjoy working with older people and I’m lucky to work with such diverse communities in the area.

Stephen Campbell

Stephen Campbell – Data and Information Administrator (Sparkbrook) 

I am the Data and Information Administrator with the Sparkbrook Hub of Ageing Better in Birmingham. My principal role is to gather and record data from the groups that have been set up using Ageing Better funding. I have responsibility for updating various databases with the information/data from the groups. I also help with local marketing for the project and offer a point of contact and a friendly face for the groups.

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Leonie Hammond – Network Enabler (Tyburn) 

Hi I’m the Network Enabler within the Tyburn area includes Castle Vale, Pype Hayes, Birches Green, Erdington Hall and the Bromford Estate. Within my role I support local community groups and individuals in improving interaction and community connections to reduce loneliness and isolation within the locality with a particular focus on 50+ age group. I also support groups to make applications to the Ageing Better Fund which aids groups financially to become established and sustainable. The overall aim of the project is to leave a legacy which will empower the ageing generation to be more resilient in the future. Through greater community connections and collaboration I believe we can improve the health and wellbeing of our ageing city.

Hanna Webb

Hanna Webb – Senior Community Development Coordinator (City Wide) 

I am responsible for the coordination of the City Wide Hub along with our partnership organisation, Age Concern Birmingham. Together, our team works to deliver a bespoke service to facilitate individuals who have an idea to tackle isolation in older people and who would like to start an Ageing Better group. My work takes me all across the city of Birmingham with an aim to support, assist and facilitate groups to become self sustainable and fruitful in their activities. My aim is to educate and inform people about the issues of social isolation and to assist people in their autonomy in discovering solutions to this problem in the Ageing community.

Maria Hughes

Maria Hughes – Network Enabler (LGBT) 

Hi, I’m Maria, the Network Enabler for the LGBT Hub, based at Birmingham LGBT Health & Wellbeing Centre. Many people who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, trans) become isolated by not being able to be open about their sexuality and gender identity. This may prevent them from getting involved in groups and activities where they’re not sure how they will be treated if they ‘come out’ to other people. I offer practical support, and access to the Ageing Better Fund, to new and existing LGBT groups, helping them to reach out to other members of the LGBT communities who have become isolated. Together, we hope to raise the profile of LGBT communities in Birmingham and its neighbours, overcoming prejudice and increasing the connections between LGBT and non-LGBT people of all age groups and walks of life.

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Christine Higgins – Network Enabler (Carers) 

My name is Christine Higgins and I have worked as a Network Enabler with the Carers Hub since the programme began. It's often quite difficult for carers to start and/or attend activities because of their caring role, yet they need friendship and interesting things to do more than most. So I work closely with groups and their leads, supporting them and helping them to apply for funds. I love working with this group of people and I am constantly amazed at their resilience, creativity and warmth.


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Sue Hewitt – Lead Network Enabler (Carers) 

My name is Sue Hewitt and I support carers and people over 50 to access the Ageing Better Fund, by getting together with others to set up groups and activities, to reduce isolation and loneliness and foster a sense of wellbeing and an improved quality of life within Birmingham.


Phil Done 1

Phil Done – Relationship and Contract Manager (Finance and Evaluation)

I am responsible for managing all of the Hub and Local Action Plan Contracts for our geographic area of Tyburn and thematic group of older carers, as well as the programmes Local Evaluation contract. Working as a relationship manager I am tasked with working with all of the contract holders within a specific area ensuring they are all working together to achieve both the wider Ageing Better in Birmingham outcomes as well as their own contracted outcomes.

Furthermore, I am the lead for the programme’s national evaluation; ensuring we comply with the evaluation and report findings and trends to various audiences from contract holders to presenting at wider third sector events. I am also responsible for ensuring that the programme is on target for expenditure against the forecasted budget.

Elina Rosen

Elina Rosen – Ageing Better Coordinator

I am responsible for the Ageing Better Fund, lead on Marketing and Communications for the programme and support the programme's work around making Birmingham an Age Friendly City. I lead on campaign activities which raises awareness of social isolation and loneliness and promotes community cohesion and neighbourliness. 


Jacob Standbridge

Jacob Standbridge – Ageing Better Administration Officer

My role is largely focused on the Ageing Better Fund, for which I carry out day-to-day tasks such as processing invoices, making payments, taking minutes in meetings , checking applications to the Fund and engaging with and responding to queries from the community groups that we have funded. I also do other ad hoc jobs for the team where required and  fill the crucial role of being the team’s Robot Wars expert. I’m very lucky to be involved in a job that helps improve people’s lives – in my view there is no better kind of work.

Catherine Metcalfe

Catherine Metcalfe – Ageing Better Programme Support Officer

It is my responsibility to ensure that the programme’s administrative processes run smoothly. My duties include planning and minuting meetings with our Core Partnership, subgroups and delivery partners, and answering general queries about the programme. I also compile stats for reporting purposes, and with a background in written translation and proofreading, I edit copy for our newsletters and blog posts, and contribute articles too.



David Viney 1

David Coffin – Relationship Manager Ageing Better

My role supports the LGBT community elements of Ageing Better in Birmingham and has two main parts. Firstly, I coordinate Changing Practice in Adult Social Care which is the final project of the LGBT Local Action Plan. The project is designed to raise awareness of LGBT equality and inclusion and promote the adoption of best practice in Adult Social Care for older LGBT people amongst Adult Social Care providers, workforce and commissioners in Birmingham. Secondly, I also act as Relationship Manager for the LGBT Hub, working with the hub team to ensure their work supports Ageing Better in Birminghams programme-wide outcomes and their own contracted outcomes.